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Lakhipur College IQAC

Vision of IQAC

To develop systematic quality processes in the college for evolving, enhancing and sustaining excellence in its academic and administrative practices and to set benchmarks for their periodic evaluation.

Mission of IQAC

 To create a system of quality development that is deliberate, ongoing, and catalytic and that supports the goals of the college’s faculty and students.

  To support cutting-edge techniques that will help faculty and students learn and instruct more effectively over time. 

 To make every effort to carry out as effectively as possible the management’s, university’s, and government’s plans and policies for the creation and sharing of knowledge in order to achieve the college’s mottoes.

  To guarantee a learner-centered atmosphere outfitted with the most up-to-date pedagogical,scientific, and technological tools.

Goals of IQAC

  To develop and advance a higher degree of clarity and concentration in institutional functioning towards the creation, maintenance, and enhancement of quality and make it easier for the quality culture to become ingrained in each area of the institution.

  To make it easier to integrate the institution’s different activities and to institutionalize best practices. 

 To give decision-makers a solid foundation that incorporates all aspects of service excellence and enhances institutional performance.

  To influence progress within the Institution.  To coordinate internal communication and make it better in order to enable better policy implementation and stakeholder quality assurance.

Functions of IQAC

 The creation and use of quality standards/benchmarks for the College’s different academic and administrative initiatives.

  Encouraging faculty development to adopt the necessary knowledge and technology for participatory teaching and learning processes, as well as the creation of a learner-centric environment supportive of excellent education.

  Organize for student, parent, and other stakeholder answers to feedback on institutional processes that affect quality.  Dissemination of knowledge about the different higher education quality metrics.

  Inter- and intra-institutional workshops, seminars on quality-related topics, and the development of quality circles are organized.

  Improvement in quality through the documentation of the College’s different programs and activities. 

 Serving as the College’s central organization for coordinating actions relating to quality, such as the adoption and dissemination of best practices. MIS is used for the creation and upkeep of institutional databases with the goal of preserving or improving institutional quality.

 Creating a culture of quality at the college.

  Creating the College’s Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) in accordance with the format required and using the quality parameters and evaluation criteria established by the appropriate quality assurance organization (such as NAAC,NBA, or AB).

  Interaction with the university in the quality evaluation, maintenance, and improvement processes before and after accreditation.

  According to the UGC Regulations 2010, the Documentation and Record-Keeping unit shall be IQAC.