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From the Desk of the Principal

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to Lakhipur College, Lakhipur, Goalpara, which was established on 10th August 1981 with Arts stream. The college which is situated in a historically important place in the district of Goalpara became a growth institute in the district with the financial and physical help of the common people living in the vast radius of Lakhipur town. The people of the surrounding areas became very enthusiastic to make their dreams come true. Those who thought they would never be able to see their children blessed with higher education became confident that their bad days in the field of education were over since when the college came to life.

Since its inception the college earned its reputation in the domains of education and other co-curricular activities, producing many efficient citizens people can take pride in.

The College which is at present situated in 68 bigha 2 katha 6 lecha land area, has highly qualified feculty members who most sincerly and diligently work together for the betterment of the students and eventually for the college itself.

The College has made a major role in communal and racial harmony through many demonstrative examples inspiring a moral and cultural bond, which deserves conspicable resonance in the present society stumbling over quite often while moving ahead.

The infrastructure of the college, which has been prominently attractive and conducive to its overall growth at present, still bears the marks of donation and help from the common people of this poor and backward locality. These marks will remain embedded in every corner of the college as long as it endures. In that sense it is a college of the common people, by the common people and for the common people.

As a recognition of the outcome of the concerted efforts of all at the college, which received grants-in-aid with effect from 11-01-1996, was brought under 2(f) and 12(B) of UGC Registration in 2004. The NAAC visited the college on 31st December 2004 and 1st January 2005. The NAAC Peer team was overwhelmed with satisfaction when they took a look at the infrastructure, management, faculty and the students of the college. The “B” grade awarded to the college defines its rise and eminence within a short period of time.

The College offers major courses in all subjects and attracts brilliant students, and the way the college is marching ahead by leaps and bounds, it is hoped that it will shine bright as an important seat of learning in the entire district. In order to cope up with digitalization there will be online admission into H.S. lst year and B.A. lst Semester from academic session 2019-20